Mr. Nikhil Shendye

Nikhil is a Fellow Member of The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India and Master of Commerce from Pune University.  Nikhil’s professional background demonstrates a robust foundation in finance and accounting. His expertise spans a wide range of services like Tax Audits, Statutory Audit, Indirect Tax, Internal audits, and Bank audits. He also controls Company Audits, Indirect tax-related compliances and Indirect Tax Assessments. He gained vast experience in the areas of Bank Loan Projections, Project Reports, and funding consultancies. He has ample of experience in handling various kinds of engagements for software, manufacturing, education, trusts, and construction industries. His emphasis on ethical values and commitment to strengthening a company’s stability reflects his dedication to upholding integrity and promoting a culture of transparency and accountability within the organization. With his balanced and thoughtful approach, he plays a significant role in driving success and promoting ethical practices in the services he renders.


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